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5 Ways to Live to your Potential

1. Figure out what you really want out of life. What drives you? What excites you?

What do you have passion for? WRITE IT DOWN

2. Create a bucket list. This is crucial to have exciting things to look forward to in your life. Think about all the things you want to do with your life. Cooking lessons, travels, giving back, serving others. WRITE IT DOWN

3. Stop the negative talk! You can't accomplish much if you are always down on yourself. You must catch yourself and mentally TURN it off. Don't think it and certainly don't speak it.

4. Make a plan. Set some goals for yourself that are reasonable. Write out a day in your life five years from now. Get very granular! Think of where you would be, what you would drive, a whole day of living your passion and bucket list! What if you could live those things everyday! YOU CAN!

5. Do something EVERYDAY to get you closer. Can you imagine if every single day you did one small thing that reflects your 5 year plan above? You would wake up in five years and be living that life!

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