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Lisa Asbell, RN and International Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management Coach

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Lisa Asbell has been a Registered Nurse for decades. She is an entrepreneur, and she has an extensive healthcare career spanning over 40 years. Lisa started in her hometown of Thomasville, Georgia as a Candy Striper and went on to become an RN practicing as a Labor and Delivery nurse for years in both Georgia and Florida.

Lisa was trained in various areas of healthcare for over 25 years, starting as a bedside nurse and then learning compliance like OSHA and HIPPA. Lisa also worked for large HealthCare IT companies like Cerner where she trained providers, clinical staff, office managers over 15 years as a consultant.

Even though Lisa has an impressive record in healthcare she herself battled with being an overweight RN who felt awful when she tried to help her patients on their healthy journey. She felt like a fraud. “I was teaching health, but I didn’t even know HOW to live it myself!” says Lisa.

The story changed in 2019 when at 300 pounds Lisa was finally ready for a change. She was an executive in IT traveling all over the world for the last 10 years but was at the end of her rope.

In her own words, “I was falling apart physically. I was not on RX medication and was active with my dogs on the weekend, but my knee was a mess and it turned out it was 100% from my weight and my daily diet. I took daily handfuls of over the counter the pain meds daily! I could not stand or sit for extended periods of time without being in extreme pain and yet I couldn’t walk far because of my knee. Laying down was my most comfortable position. I was afraid I would not be able to walk in another few years or another few pounds. Yes, I was afraid of being immobile at 53 years old. I knew there was another way!"

In September of 2019, Lisa turned her life around. It started with tracking calories and walking around the block. She focused on hunger and calories together. Lisa also focused on adding healthy habits back into her life like journaling, prayer, she established a routine and lost -100 pounds in the first 8 months.

For over 20 years Lisa studied for hours about weight loss and nutrition. Like many others, she tried everything from a lap band, the hot dog diet, shakes, pills and any lotions and potions she could find. Her appetite seemed endless. Lisa knew it was just mental really but had a tough time putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. While she lost 130 pounds in 13 months, Lisa modified the program to fit her lifestyle, personality, food choices and future health goals.

Lisa put up a Facebook page and started sharing TIPS about the mental game of changing daily habits and adding healthier habits. It caught on! Lisa has now helped thousands of women lose weight and has a team of doctors who support her commonsense approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Lisa has been speaking in healthcare for 30 years and she would love to share her inspirational story. She can provide the medical community with better tools to help educate people on lifestyle change. As an RN, Lisa understands the complexity of healthcare. Lisa has experience both at the bedside as an RN and in the boardroom of the largest healthcare systems in America. Lisa has consulted in private practice in a multitude of areas from practice growth to OSHA to project management.


Lisa has helped thousands already in the past few years lose weight and create happier and healthier lives.

Hear what providers that refer clients say about Lisa's approach to healthier living

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