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Learn How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior

  • Do you want to get healthier, yet can’t stay on track? 

  • Do you keep stopping and starting? 

  • Do you let “life” get in the way? 

  • Do you find it hard to stay focused?

  • Do you procrastinate?

  • Are you a perfectionist? 

  • Do you neglect self-care? 

  • Do you feel discouraged about your health?

  • Are you exhausted, achy and overwhelmed?


If you answered "YES" to most of these, you are sabotaging your efforts for self improvement!  

Our 7-Day Self-Sabotage program is a series of daily emails that will help you break self-sabotaging habits!

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Introducing the new 7-Day Self-Sabotage Program

A self-improvement course that can help you lose weight by addressing the self-sabotage habits that keep us from getting what we want!

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7 Day Self-Sabotage Devices

How It Works:

Each day you will receive an email directly in your inbox.


Daily Topic

Listen to an audio file of Lisa explaining the topic of the day, the science behind it, and why it works.


Valuable Info

The information you receive in these emails will help you understand self-sabotage and how you can stop doing it.


Changing Habits

We'll teach you about those self-sabotaging habits that stop us from losing weight and affect other areas of our lives too!



If you incorporate what you learn in the course into your life, you can learn how to stop these bad habits and develop healthy ones.

We've learned the top strategies from thousands of women that will help overcome self-sabotage!

Want to feel better and work on self-improvement?

We will teach you how to stop self-sabotaging so you can achieve the things you always want like losing weight.

Want to learn why we self-sabotage ourselves?

This course will break down the behaviors of self-sabotaging including procrastination, perfectionism, limiting beliefs and more.

Want to understand how to stop doing it? 

We'll teach you how to overcome these self-sabotaging habits and get into a routine of developing healthy ones that will help get you what you want out of life!

Past failures are a thing of the past. We will help you stop self-sabotaging to help you lose weight & get what you want out of life!

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Recognize self-sabotage and stop it before it happens

  • Know what the top self-sabotage behaviors are and how to overcome them

  • Create your best day, every day

Our daily course by email will give you the strategies you need about:

  • What self-sabotage is

  • How to stop self-sabotaging behavior

  • Setting goals

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Strategies to overcome these

  • Stopping negativity

  • Prioritizing, balance & routine

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7-Day Self-Sabotage - $149

Take the first step toward lasting change! If you've already joined the program, we'd love to hear about your experience. Kindly fill out our survey and share your insights. Let's conquer self-sabotage together!

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Get the strategies featured in national women's publications

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Lisa Asbell Photo

Lisa struggled with being 100+ pounds overweight for almost 35 years.  After being sick of  battling with the scale, in September 2019 she decided to change her life around and since then has lost over 120 pounds! Not only that, but Lisa has made appearances across national publications and news outlets, detailing her journey and how she's helped thousands of women on their own path to weight loss.


Lisa is still on her wellness journey and along the way has connected with hundreds of other women that are struggling with their own weight issues.


She has known her entire life that her purpose is to help others and now she knows it's teaching other women how to lose the weight and be WELL.

Meet Lisa Asbell

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