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End Your Obsession With the Scale

Our new 14 day Well Quick Start challenge is a series of daily emails that will help you:

Change your relationship with food forever

Overcome limiting beliefs about weight loss

Lose weight & actually keep it off

Create a clear path to a new lifestyle

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"I’ve followed Lisa for 2 years. This is her best stuff delivered via email every day."

Sherry N. 

Introducing the new Well Quick Start Challenge

A weight loss system that has helped thousands of women just like you lose weight and keep it off by changing the fundamental way you interact with food.

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How It Works:

Each day you will receive an email directly in your inbox.

A road map to success so clear and specific that the only thing left on your plate is to follow it.


Daily Strategy

Listen to an audio file of Lisa explaining the strategy of the day, and the science behind it, and why it works.


Idea Prompts

Accountability is the key to success, we will give you a journal prompt to reflect and keep track of  your progress.



We've helped thousands of women with these strategies, and we want you to hear testimony from actual people, in their own words. 



We'll also be sending your a reminder to track your calories and food intake daily, so you can better understand your new habits. 

We've learned the top 14 strategies from thousands of women we've helped  to lose weight and keep it off!

Want to feel more comfortable in your own skin?

We'll teach you ways to change your mindset and rethink the way you look at yourself so you can love the body you've created

Want to eat what you love? 

This challenge will break down the science behind weight loss, and how you can still lose weight without sacrificing the foods you love

Want to understand what actually works? 

We're here to break down myths. There is so much confusion today about how to lose weight and keep it off, with so many diets and choices. You'll learn the truth of what actually works and how to use those truths to create lasting change