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Woman's World Story

Lisa was featured in Woman's World Magazine's October 2021 issue where she talks about fasted walking and made the cover!


Lisa continues to be an advocate for getting your movement in every day, even if it's a simple walk. She also believes in fasting as a way to help you lose the weight!

Making the Cover of Thomasville Scene

Lisa was the cover story for the Winter 2021 issue of her hometown Thomasville Scene magazine! Everyone at LAE is so proud of this and for Lisa, it was a powerful moment to see how far she'd come from the place where it all started.

Click here to see the digital copy of the magazine and read the full article.

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First for Women Walking Story

Lisa was featured in First for Women Magazine's May 2021 issue where she was the lead story for their walking to lose weight section.


This was right on time as Lisa had just wrapped up a month of coaching that focused on moving and this feature helped reinforce the importance of it to losing weight. 

As Featured in First for Women Magazine

Lisa was featured in the November 2020 issue (she even made the cover) of the nationally syndicated First For Women Magazine. In it, she talked about losing 126 pounds at the time of of the issue in 10 months!

This was a big milestone for Lisa as she was able to tell her story to a wider audience all across the U.S. and Canada. 

'Lose with Lisa': Woman loses 120 pounds, becomes cheerleader for others

Lisa was featured in the in a local Fox 13 Tampa Bay news segment about her weight loss journey. In it, she talks about what inspired her to lose the weight, how she did it, and how she's helping motivate others to do the same.

Watch the video segment and click here to read the full story.

LAE donates 14 bikes to Boys & Girls Club in Moultrie, GA

The #teamTLC and WELL community came together in November 2020 for our first annual virtual 5K. Proceeds from the registrations were used to purchase bikes for needy kids not far from where Lisa herself grew up.

You can see Joseph Matchett, chief executive of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Boys and Girls Club present the bikes and credits Lisa for being the donor.

The story was featured in the Moultrie Observer and in their local Fox 31 station.

Did You Gain The "Quarantine 15" Or More?

In August 2020, LAE released a press release to showcase everything that had happened to Lisa and the community she built up to that point. 

Here is a quote from the release in which the sentiment is echoed by hundreds of other women: “Lisa saved my life. I had given up on myself and my dreams of a better life. Now, I am on my way to finding peace from food and the scale. Every aspect of my life has improved. I feel unstoppable!”

Read the full press release here.

Are You a Member of the Press?

Lisa is always looking for ways to broaden her reach and audiences. She loves to work with publications, media outlets, and any other kind of PR opportunities that align with her purpose and have an audience that could benefit from her coaching.

If you would like to chat about any PR ideas or opportunities you think would be a fit for Lisa, send an email to hello@lisaasbell.com! Let us know who you represent and what ideas you have in mind!