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Walking Food Market Tour NYC

Well not everyone would want to walk from Times Square to Chelsea but I did last week and it was fantastic! If you want to walk off what you eat :) and enjoy the city on a beautiful day, here's what you do! This blog is about the markets on my walk. I will post in a separate blog what I ate at each place :) The entire walk was about 4 miles one way :)

From Times Square head to Grand Central Terminal, It's less than a mile and a straight shot! Now there is a dining concourse down below so you are really serving two purposes here! You get to explore some of NYC's most well known eateries all in one place! Shake Shack and Magnolia bakery are here and there are a host of others and see one of the cities most beautiful buildings. Millions of people come through every week to take trains to outlying cities. In the South, we refer to it often as Grand Central Station... Like, " It was so busy, it was like Grand Central Station." However, it's really called Grand Central Terminal but it is busy! I love the South, we refer to it and most have never even been there. I did it for years before going. :)

You could never get to the landmark restaurants all in one day but at Grand Central Terminal you have them all together! Starting in Mid-November the Holiday market is there too. Shopping and great eats all together inside, if the weather isn't great, it even sweetens the deal! Grand Central Terminal is stunning and iconic NYC!

The next stop on our walk was Eataly. That's about 1.5 miles from Grand Central. It's an Italian market with shopping, drinking and dining! It's by the Flatiron Building which certainly is a tourist stop and in beautiful Herald Square! Eataly is fantastic! The vibe is outstanding. The energy is contagious. I could almost live right here inside this place! I did a Facebook live here and it's just wonderful. It's a must see for everyone who loves Italian food!

Inside Eataly! Flatrion My FaceBOOK Live from Eataly! Check it out!

Next stop about a mile away from Eataly is Chelsea Market! Now I didn't record live here because it's so BUSY and noisy but it's just a slice of foodie Heaven (the pic below is taken before it opens) and if you ever go here once you will go here every time you visit the city. My son in law Jack turned me onto Chelsea Market years ago and I have been many times since! It has something for everyone! Shopping, dining, people watching but most of all ALL THINGS FOOD! It has a variety of cuisine from seafood, farm to table, thai and more Italian food! I love the BlackBarn, it's a store, cafe and bar. It's kind of modern farmhouse decor which is my favorite and they sell decor too!

A rare photo before Chelsea market opens! It's always packed

We ended our food market crawl at the Standard Hotel for drinks and apps. However, just a few blocks from Chelsea Market is the Gansevoort Market which is also worth your time and would have ended our day perfectly too. Next time!

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