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Learn Why We Stress Eat & How to Overcome It

  • Do you eat late at night?

  • Do you crave salty and sweet foods daily?

  • Do you consume a lot of processed foods?

  • Do you feel guilty after eating too much?


If you answered "YES" to most of these, you may be stress eating which leads to weight gain!

Our 3-Day Stress Eating program is a series of daily emails that will help you learn why we stress eat and how to stop it!

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How It Works:

Each day you will receive an email directly in your inbox.


Daily Topic

Learn more about stress eating, listen to an audio explaining the topic of the day, and get your journal prompt.


Valuable Info

The information you receive in these emails will help you understand stress eating and how you can stop doing it.


Changing Habits

We'll teach you about why we stress eat, how to manage stress, and how to create your healthy plan.



If you incorporate what you learn in the course into your life, you can learn how to stop stress eating and have a healthier mind & body.

We've learned the top strategies from thousands of women that will help overcome stress eating!

Want to feel better and not depend on food to alleviate stress?

We will teach you ways you can stop stress eating which starts with understanding why we do it.

Want to learn how to manage stress and your emotions?

We'll teach you some tactics to manage stress so you don't let your emotions guide the way that you eat!

Want to create your own healthy plan?

We'll teach you how to create a plan that puts you on a path to a healthier you that you can do long-term!

Don't just take our word for it, listen to some of the thousands of women we've helped.