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  • Well Library 2024

    Unlimited access to Weight Loss information and support
    Valid for 6 months
  • Well Live Weekly Meetings

    Dynamic Zoom Meetings
    Valid for 6 months
  • Library and Live Calls

    Every month
    Well Library and Weekly Meetings

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What's Included?

When you subscribe to having a  Well Library Membership you'll get access to:

  1. Monthly Well Member coaching calls LIVE WITH LISA.

  2. Private and exclusive WELL community.

  3. Guidance and motivation to reach your weight loss, health, and lifestyle goals.

  4. Monthly emails full of updates, articles, audios, and Learn with Lisa Youtubes that can be accessed at any time in your Well login

  5. Exclusive discount on courses

We'll guide on what to do, how to do it, and have a community that constantly supports you! 

Well Live Weekly Calls:


   1. Personalized Coaching Sessions: Engage in live coaching sessions guided by Lisa tailored to your journey.

   2.   Track Your Progress Weekly: Stay accountable with regular weigh-ins in a judgment-free, supportive environment.

   3. Exclusive Guest Sessions: Gain deeper insights and inspiration from special guests joining our community.

   4.   Connect with Like-Minded Women: Build relationships and find support within a community of incredible women like yourself!

 Success Stories from WELL

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