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My house is a gift from Joanna Gaines

You read it right! I wanted to remodel our home for a second time. The first remodel we did wasn't completed and it was 10 years ago. I mean hello, who knew Joanna Gaines in 2008? Just Chip! :) I had to keep after my husband for years.... Let's update and fully remodel this house. Finally late last year, I said honey we either remodel or sell. Well, there's nothing that will get a man in GEAR (pun intended) faster than fear of having to pack up 10 years of stuff in his garage! Viola! Builder called! It was once of the best experiences of my life ! Now, We did have a budget and yes I went 30% over it but I have a beautiful Florida home and I owe thanks to Chip and JoJo!

While I am from the South, I am not a country girl at all but I do like white decor and clean lines and city living. I have a city farmhouse! It's so perfectly home!

I am certainly not finished with every room, are we ever? I just know that I love living in the city ( St. Petersburg, Fl) but I love to come home to simple comfort and sparkly clean (I can dream the clean part, right?)

The barn door came out of the old Bellevue Biltmore hotel here in Clearwater. I painted it mint green and frosted the glass with spray frost for a buck. It's stunning!

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