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My Best Tips for Getting Started!

1. Do it for a long term reason. Health is a great one. Events like weddings, people you love like grandchildren or a spouse likely won't keep you on the path forever. My knee was so bad... I was scared that a cane was in my future at 53!

2. Create a lifestyle you are in love with and you won't leave it.

3. Eat the things you love in small amounts or you will likely not do it forever.

4. Find healthy substitutions that you love. I traded chips for grapes and I love them but I also have a few chips sometimes.

5. Don't force yourself to do things you don't like when you first get started. If you hate exercise then focus on the food first. I love walking so I do it. A lot! I don't like salad so I don't eat it much.

6. Find a community of support and plug into it. Find people who have the life you want and be inspired. Do what they do!

7. Celebrate every darn victory no matter how small.

8. Focus on changing your brain!!!! You can rewire your brain and create new habits, it will likely take 60-90 days.

9. So many great podcasts about BRAIN and HABITS... I will be starting one myself. I did brain work for several years before I found WW to help with the structure and community support.

10. I believe you need three things for long term success.

1. Brain Re Wiring. ( bad habits can be broken)

2. A structured program that you can mold your lifestyle around. (a plan)

3. Community support. ( it takes a village)

11. Focus on peace of mind over a piece of metal #scale The scale is not everything. It's a guide... it's one tool. If you feel great, your clothes fit better then focus on that!!!! If you have a lot to lose......... The scale isn't your friend. It's overwhelming. I do the right things every single day, I know I am getting smaller. I don't care if the scale is stuck for a week or two.

After 30 years, I finally got the above things and started WW on Sept 4th 2019. One meal at a time, one scan at a time. I knew I wasn't giving up sugar or chocolate but over a few months I found substitutions that I love. I don't miss my old lifestyle of 30 years. I love the more energetic, happier me. I have many pounds to go and I am no expert on weight loss for sure but I CAN tell you what DOES NOT work.... :) Waiting on Monday.... Excuses. Restrictive Diet plans, Stopping your favorite foods cold turkey. Those things DO NOT WORK.

Today, I am -64 pounds and happier than I have ever been! I have a long way to go but I celebrate my success! My greatest joy to date happened yesterday when a woman reached out to me on social who is over 400 pounds and can't leave her house.... This is my greatest joy to bring HOPE to others who are morbidly obese! This is my life's calling.

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