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Gratitude 🧠🥊

Did you know that gratitude is a bridge to the future you? Did you know that ???

Lemme explain 😂.

When you state, feel or write ✍️ gratitudes you feel happy! You’re brain 🧠 doesn’t know why it’s happy but it does then recognize that elated feeling that you feel when you visualize the Future you 🧠🥊 and it’s wants to get you there! That’s why feeling the future you daily and even hourly is so darn important!!!

Gratitude evokes a similar chemical and emotional brain response 🧠🥊 to that feeling when you visualize yourself thin, happy and WELL.

Gratitude is a bridge 🌉 to the future you! 🧠🥊

This is science 🧬 it’s been studied and it’s a fact! Gosh, I love this stuff 🧠🥊

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1 Comment

Susan Stadeli
Susan Stadeli
Nov 06, 2020

Happy for your journey Marie, Thankful you found you🥰 Life is a journey. We all should enjoy. In good times an not so good! Mindset is powerful. Me I like to take a negative an turn around to positive. Everyone enjoys encouragement. Your one of God's beautiful people he created. We all must take care of each other. Find what is you. Blessings for a beautiful day! ☕💝🙏🎶

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