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Gratitude 🧠🥊

Did you know that gratitude is a bridge to the future you? Did you know that ???

Lemme explain 😂.

When you state, feel or write ✍️ gratitudes you feel happy! You’re brain 🧠 doesn’t know why it’s happy but it does then recognize that elated feeling that you feel when you visualize the Future you 🧠🥊 and it’s wants to get you there! That’s why feeling the future you daily and even hourly is so darn important!!!

Gratitude evokes a similar chemical and emotional brain response 🧠🥊 to that feeling when you visualize yourself thin, happy and WELL.

Gratitude is a bridge 🌉 to the future you! 🧠🥊

This is science 🧬 it’s been studied and it’s a fact! Gosh, I love this stuff 🧠🥊

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