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Lisa Asbell, RN, Founder, Wellness and Beauty 

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Step into the transformative realm of Lisa Asbell, RN, a dedicated professional with over three decades of coaching and mentoring expertise in the health and wellness arena. Lisa's journey, from achieving multi-million-dollar success in direct sales to her current role as a leader in the Wellness and Beauty spaces. Lisa is driven by an unwavering passion for fostering profound lifestyle change. 

Professional Journey: Lisa's foray into healthcare commenced at the age of 14 as a candy striper. With a career spanning over 40 years, she not only excelled in direct sales but also left an indelible mark as a coach and trainer. Transitioning to coaching, Lisa founded the Well Weight Loss brand and by embracing the "Slight Edge" philosophy has guided thousands toward sustainable success. 

Expertise in Obesity Medicine: Immersing herself in the realm of obesity medicine for the past four years, Lisa applies her knowledge in nutrition and coaching. Her commitment to building a coaching practice that addresses the complexities of weight loss has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Holistic Approach to Wellness: Lisa firmly believes in a holistic approach to weight loss and management, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being. Her empowering message of lifestyle change has touched the lives of over 100,000 individuals, proving that health goals are attainable in every area of life.

Passion for Helping Others: At the core of Lisa's journey is an ardent passion for helping others live better lives. This passion drives her coaching philosophy, where she empowers clients to embrace health and wellness as a holistic journey. Lisa's dedication goes beyond professional success; it's a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the lives she touches.

Recognition and Collaborations: Lisa's impact extends far beyond her coaching practice. Featured on numerous podcasts and magazine covers, her collaborations with large healthcare organizations across the United States showcase a lifelong commitment to making a difference since the tender age of 14. She is also a commerical actor and model! 

In essence, Lisa Asbell, RN, is more than a seasoned professional; she is a compassionate guide, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for positive change. Lisa's passion for helping others is the driving force behind her transformative initiatives. Join Lisa on a journey of impactful collaborations and partnerships, uniting in the common goal of making a significant difference in the lives of others.

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