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Welcome to your wellness revamp! Learn what it means to make your health a lifestyle with me, Lisa Asbell, RN,  as your guide. Enjoy Free weekly challenges, inspirational Success Stories, a blog with the wellness industry's best-kept secrets, and more!


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Lisa Asbell is an RN, coach, and an outstanding wellness friend to thousands of women. Her unique coaching style helps women take healthy habits and make it a lifestyle so you don't have to even think about it - time to make your well-being second nature!

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Lisa is no stranger to struggling with body weight, having dealt with being 100+ pounds overweight for almost 35 years!  Finally being sick of battling with the scale, in September 2019, she decided to change her life around.


Since doing so, she has lost over 100 pounds!


Lisa is still on her wellness journey as it truly is a lifestyle, continually and consciously taking care of your health in mind, body, and spirit every day. Along the way, she has connected with hundreds of other amazing women who are struggling with similar body issues.


She has known her entire life that her purpose is to help others - after all, sometimes it truly takes a village. Knowing this she's created an environment and a community that helps teach other women how to be their very best selves! That means being in a body you LOVE and one that serves you with strength, energy, and longevity for years to come. 

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Well Library

WELL is the philosophy, established and nurtured by Lisa, to live your life practicing wellness, but not by slaving away at the gym until your resolve threatens to break. Well Weight Loss is about daily practices in simple ways so that supporting your body becomes as easy and seamless as breathing.  We live  "The Slight Edge", philosphy! 

It's a lifestyle!

That means rewiring your brain, acquiring new healthy habits, and having support from a community that is going through the same journey as you.  We teach this in our Well Library! It's a small monthly subsciption fee. Learn more below! 


In the Well Weight Loss Library, Lisa provides all the skills, tools, knowledge, and motivation you need to change your life so you can discover your best self.


This includes her video library, audio library, and more. She is the teacher and the guide that connects all of these elements in a fun, unique, and rewarding way so you can practically guarantee your success. 

Thousands of women have lost hundreds of thousands of collective pounds by practicing the The Well Weight Loss principles By joining the Well Library and using the tools provided to take charge of their health. The WELL lifestyle will completely alter what you've thought of fitness beforehand, in the best way, and help you to become stronger than ever before.

So are you ready to unveil and explore the best YOU that you can be? Well Weight Loss is here! 

Lisa Asbell: Before and After!



Lisa Asbell Well Weight Loss

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