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  • Are you worried about your patients that can't take off the weight?

  • Do you need a place to send your obese patients?

  • Do you have patients with a deep desire to make a lifestyle change?

A Foreword by Dr. Stacey Robinson, Double Board-Certified in Family & Integrative Medicine

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My name is Lisa Asbell. I am a Registered Nurse and have an extensive background in health, training and change management. I lost -130 pounds and have kept it off for two years. 

I have a team of providers who have followed my progress and started referring patients. We have developed a winning strategy in helping middle-aged, overweight women achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. 


We surveyed thousands of women, teamed up with many providers and, after 2 years of success story after success story, we know our Well Weight Loss programs work. 

We believe that weight loss, body image, food and scale-obsession plague almost every woman. We have a proven 4-pronged approach for lasting success in weight loss.

4 Strategies to Success


The client has to want to improve their overall health and be committed to the investment of time and money that is required to shift from sedentary to active -- From morbidly obese to normal weight, from a handful of meds to a couple.  This takes time! 



We have proven that a multi – prong approach works.  Patients must understand principles like calorie deficit, a whole-food diet, and the benefits of all types of movement. They need to learn how their body works and we have customized a program that will work for their lifestyle!  



Founder, Lisa Asbell is a Registered Nurse and has studied the body, nutrition and weight loss for decades. She has teamed up with providers. We teach HOW the body works and how the brain works!  We know we can create new habits and replace old habits and thought patterns.  We teach this in our programs.