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You're a Star!

We all have it don't we? We all have the one thing, that one thing that we wish we could change about ourselves. It's super annoying. Whether it's your nose, your cackling laugh or your butt size. We all have it. We all have something that we would almost sell our soul to change. It drives us crazy but believe me, you have it better than you think!

I remember once seeing a girl that I thought was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! This happened a few girls ago in an airport ( of course, I live in airports) I was staring at her and I couldn't stop. She had beautiful blue eyes, beautiful black hair and a perfect body. She has a gorgeous smile too

I got on the plane and in a few minutes this gorgeous woman sits down next to me and turns out she was super nice too.( ugh, I was hoping she was mean so I could feel better about myself.)  She started talking about her fear of flying, She was so scared to fly and even asked me to hold her hand. 👀  

Yep, I was like oh boy. She's a 40 year old successful, beautiful, dentist but she's scared to fly.   She never stopped talking the whole flight. Turns out she's a bit of a hot mess with awful relationships. She had so many insecurities that I couldn't list them all if I wanted to. She and I are still friends today. We see each other once a year or so. 

She calls me for advice and relationship coaching, she's married now and doing better but she taught me a valuable lesson. You are beautiful the way you are. You are perfect the way you are. Yes, if you have the one thing and you can change it by all means do but don't beat yourself up in the process. Don't forget the 1,000 things that are great about you.  Love the 1,000 things that are great about you, your smile, your sense of humor, your sense of style or whatever your wonderful things are. 

Don't let that one annoying thing keep you from pursuing your dreams!  Don't let that one thing overshadow your greatness. We are all stars. We are all energy. We are all created in the image of God. Your one or two things are probably things others don't notice and if they do notice, they don't care!  Don't let it stop you from being your best you!  YOU ARE A STAR! *SHINE SHINE SHINE* #selfimage #motivation #beyou #postivetalk #selflove #selfhelp

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