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Well Wednesday - Walnuts

Healthy Fats ! Walnuts are my new healthy love ❤️

They aren’t a trigger food for me because they aren’t dipped in chocolate 🍫 😂

This Is about 100 calories of walnuts! I know them almost everyday 🥰 it’s better for my body than popcorn 🍿 or other 100 calorie snacks. Here‘s why !!!

1. Loaded with antioxidants - studies show walnuts actually prevented damage from eating poorly !!! What ? Lol

Not giving you any ideas 💡 😂

2. It‘s a healthy fat! It’s lowers heart disease. one ☝️ serving a day does that! or ofcouse salmon, avocado 🥑 and others are options too!

3. accessible always! This is big to me Personally. No reason not to keep some around!

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