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Well Member of the Year

I have to share that Janet Penwell is one amazing, beautiful lady! She is as darling as you all think. Her husband Mark is just a great guy too!!!

Andy, Leo, Debbie and I enjoyed spending time with her! We had such a great time together! We all hit it off!!!! She’s fantastic and very deserving. She didn’t need a make over because she’s great at her own makeup, hair and styling 🙌🙌🙌 but she did get pampered!!!

I can’t wait to see her pics from her photo shoot!!! Stay tuned!! Love you Janet !

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Nichole moore
Nichole moore
Apr 07, 2021

She should be so proud of herself. I can’t wait to see the pics ❤️❤️


Marie Binfield
Marie Binfield
Apr 01, 2021

This is a beautiful testament to her and you for changing our lives. The picture is beautiful just like Janet. That is so exciting and fun. 😀🥂

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