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Well, it’s the Weekend

Three years ago, I posted this picture on my personal FB page. I was in California working. I love the milder, drier climate out West. I always wanted to move, change, shake things up ⬆️ but I had no clarity!!!

I found clarity at the bottom of my stomach!!! Each day when I honor myself, I find it much easier to have clarity about my direction in life.

I certainly don’t understand exactly WHY my whole life started coming together when I decided to put an end to food obsession But it did!!!!

I find it harder to meditate, work out, journal 📓 when I don’t honor my hunger.


Im talking about legit overeating!!!! Not a

few extra bites! I wish I could describe it better.... Do you know what I’m talking about ? Lol 😂 Just ate too much and know you don’t feel as good! Yes, that !!!!! 😂

I don’t like overeating and that’s awesome 👏 because that’s also the way to not be overweight and I don’t like how that feels either!

I decided to change and I have 🙌You can too !! March will be amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Weekend

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