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We’re all stand outs!

This is Iris Apfel! She’s an interesting woman! I love her sense of style! She just turned 100!

Shes working more than ever! she’s flourishing. She’s a fascinating woman!!! She’s a stand out!

We all are standouts! We all are unique! I hope you embrace your own style and I hope that you’re feeling braver than you did in the past!

IT takes courage for many to be themselves. I’m still finding myself everyday and guess what? It never stops. Its like “dieting“ or our health… its always a journey of self work after learning self worth!!!

Obesity = Low Self Esteem for MANY!!!!

Self improvement. Self Love and Self Care can all be improved with intense dedication To yourself Over and over and over. Every single day. For us here in Well, those are the daily practices. Daily practices lead to the courage to discover who you really are in this season, who you want to be and how to be That girl!!!!

We are all so awesome. We deserve to win this “battle of the bulge” if we’re willing to do the work!! It takes courage but we’re all standouts and we’re all capable Of becoming the best version of ourselves 🙏🏻🙌❤️

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