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Upcoming May Opportunities!

My Philosophy - I have always been a cheerleader of people and have wanted to inspire women to believe in themselves my entire adult life! I did not EVER plan to do it with weight loss because I was not successful and had tried everything. I didn't realize until others started commenting on my posts that I had information in my head that could help other people. This is about people having success. You all are telling me LOUD and CLEAR, you have having success! This is not about me. I am just sharing the things I have learned from other SMART people along the way and using my unique way to deliver the information in language you can relate to and understand - that's why you are getting into ACTION! Bravo!

My Vision - I believe that we can help women and men world wide. I think we can have a community of millions of people that are looking for FOREVER relief from food, weight and the scale! I believe that EVERY single person can create a healthy beautiful active lifestyle that they love and that they can do it own THEIR own terms as long as they have a concrete VISION for themselves and thier future. I plan to have daily lives, daily zooms and blogs filled with all kinds of expert advice on ALL things that matter to Middle aged women!

How it all works! Many Lives at every week! I also try to do a daily post on the page. LIVES are Monday and Thursday nights 8pm EST We will have Most Wednesday evenings with a Live ZOOM some paid and some FREE! Saturday ZOOMS too see below!

Remember to subscribe to You will get the information you need and you don't have to spend a dime! You will get all the brain hacks and ideas I can possibly share. The ZOOM calls are a way to go DEEPER and get to know you all a bit better!

Small group coaching ( capped at 20) is coming in June! Stay tuned!

One on one coaching in June too! Stay tuned!

This journey starts with YOU and YOUR VISION for yourself! Don't get ahead of that for now.


MAY 16th! 11 am EST.... Paid Zoom. $19.00 This zoom is about HUNGER and understanding satiety! Believe me when I say this battle is all in your head! You can get control of this forever and make peace with your weight, the scale and FOOD! This is a great opportunity to #deepdive #lisalesson ( if you are registered you will get the recording whether or not you can attend!

May 20th 8pm EST ZOOM CALL FREE! What is #teamtlc all about! Great for new people and OG's :) Please register! It will fill up fast! All who register will get a recording a few days after the zoom call.

May 23rd 8pm EST paid zoom call! $19.00 WHAT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR!

Managing your day, meal prep, hijack plans, how to set goals that you can reach. This is the NUTS and BOLTS of managing your weight loss! Behavior Modification mixed with brain rewiring! Register Soon! It will also fill up!

May 27th - 8 pm EST The 4 pillars of Success for Lasting Weight Loss. These are building blocks for the work we will do together! Self Belief. Synapse Work ( brain rewiring). Structure (program and plan) Support (on going coaching, leading and learning) Register here:

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I just stumbled across you on a FB WW page. You are inspiring and I will be following you. Thank you for sharing with others so that we may also find the connection to eating healthy.

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