Hi Everyone! I get asked all the time for meal plans.... I don't have any or I would gladly share.... I eat a lot of the same things when at home. I travel a lot so I venture out weekly with a large variety of foods. It's my strategy within my plan! It works for me.

I have an overwhelming career so I keep it really simple at home. I make a lot of the same meals over and over... :)

Questions # 1 WHAT DO YOU EAT?

Breakfast: Premier Protein ( 2 SP) Fruit usually about 11 am If I am HUNGRY, I eat earlier. Again, this is me...

FYI - I only eat things I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I eat things that I hope to eat the rest of my life.

Lunch: 20 Poppables Chips! ( 3 SP) I love them. I make a dip with Fat Free Greek Yogurt and Chili Lime seasoning ( walmart and TJ have it) DIP is ZERO points.

I also eat boars head meat. Usually Chicken - so many good flavors. 3-4 oz. Sometimes I make a wrap with OLE extreme wellness wrap and put veggies on it... lettuce, tomato, etc.

Grapes usually make the plate too at lunch!

Dinner: Grilled meat or fish. All kinds of veggies and low point salads.

TIP*** I save most of my points until 4-7. That is what I mean about a WAKE UP STRATEGY!!! I like to save those points and fuel on ZERO ALL DAY.

TIP*** FUEL on ZERO points :) Save your points for FUN and FATS. I am starting to look closer at the balance of healthy fats/carbs. I save some points for FUN of course.

Dessert: WW cheesecake or WW pumpkin pie. I make one of these EVERY WEEK!