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Hi Everyone! I get asked all the time for meal plans.... I don't have any or I would gladly share.... I eat a lot of the same things when at home. I travel a lot so I venture out weekly with a large variety of foods. It's my strategy within my plan! It works for me.

I have an overwhelming career so I keep it really simple at home. I make a lot of the same meals over and over... :)

Questions # 1 WHAT DO YOU EAT?

Breakfast: Premier Protein ( 2 SP) Fruit usually about 11 am If I am HUNGRY, I eat earlier. Again, this is me...

FYI - I only eat things I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I eat things that I hope to eat the rest of my life.

Lunch: 20 Poppables Chips! ( 3 SP) I love them. I make a dip with Fat Free Greek Yogurt and Chili Lime seasoning ( walmart and TJ have it) DIP is ZERO points.

I also eat boars head meat. Usually Chicken - so many good flavors. 3-4 oz. Sometimes I make a wrap with OLE extreme wellness wrap and put veggies on it... lettuce, tomato, etc.

Grapes usually make the plate too at lunch!

Dinner: Grilled meat or fish. All kinds of veggies and low point salads.

TIP*** I save most of my points until 4-7. That is what I mean about a WAKE UP STRATEGY!!! I like to save those points and fuel on ZERO ALL DAY.

TIP*** FUEL on ZERO points :) Save your points for FUN and FATS. I am starting to look closer at the balance of healthy fats/carbs. I save some points for FUN of course.

Dessert: WW cheesecake or WW pumpkin pie. I make one of these EVERY WEEK!

Dining out: I eat out a lot... It's not a problem when your mind is made up... You can always find something EVERY WHERE !!! Or take yours! LOL

Travel: ALWAYS take my staples.... Built Bars. Premier Protein

Then I follow my regular plan. I account for work and client dinners. No problem. I was flying every week before Corona.

90% of my diet is Fruits, veggies, lean meats...  10% sugar free candies, desserts and steaks and a cocktail or two.  I do NOT make food bad or good. It's food. I scan and track EVERYDAY. without fail. Eating the same thing takes the guess work out. I make it simple in case people don't cook. I am a good cook but not a lot of time to explore new ideas since I started.

Grapes are my new chips. Fruit is where I over do it sometimes. I don't stress about it but I do want to always check in with my hunger level.

I have a plan and my plan is WW and I am on BLUE. EVERYONE NEEDS A PLAN and a personalized Wake UP Strategy!

I believe ALL food is good. However, I feel better when I eat healthy foods. I don't eat a lot of red meats, flours and sugars.  I eat those things in small amounts.  I track everyday. I am not going over my 23 points. I do use some weeklies. I have never used them all.  I am prepared to stay within my points everyday for the rest of my life.  If I decide to change plans in the future then I will but for today, this is my plan! You have to make your own plan for what works for you and your family.

Do you exercise ? I love to walk, I like to try to run. I do about 50-60 miles a week but again, I like this. I have made it my time and it's my therapy. It's not for everyone. I don't like gyms but I would like to try classes and as I lose the last 35 pounds, I plan to learn more about core strengthening, cardio, and yoga. Guys, I have been very heavy my whole life, I want to try it all. If I don't like it, I won't do it again.

Do I drink Sodas? I do but rarely but again I didn't try to give it up, it was never a problem for me and now, I care even less.

Do I eat sugar? Ummm, is this a real question? YES, I do but in small amounts now. I also like sugar free candies. I always have them on hand.  I'm not saying they are healthy but 300 pounds ain't healthy either. :) They are for emergencies...

Do I drink Alcohol? I do but rarely now. One drink a month? I didn't try to decrease it, it happened organically. I prefer FOOD points to booze points but you do you! I traded it for black decaf coffee... Yep. Never even really liked coffee that much. Love DECAF at dinner!

Do I drink water?  Funny you should ask. One of my goals is to start really drinking more water. Since I might be about to plateau. I drink 3/4- 16 oz a day but I need more. I am so glad WW added the water counter!!!

Did you plateau?  I am right at 8.5 months -96 ( it's mid April) I am just starting to slow down. I lost 2-3 pounds a week on average.  I am going to up my water and add some cardio in. I also will make sure I am having enough healthy fats... I haven't been good about that but I also haven't stressed. I also might need to eat a little less. I probably need less.

How did you get started ? Look this is not an easy answer. I have some lives and will be making more videos and blogs about how and why I finally got started on this journey of losing 100 pounds or more.  Bottom line is : I FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF OBESITY and It's all THOUGHT related.

Books: Brain Over Binge is the most important book I have ever read on weightloss. Kathryn Hansen is the Author. She has a podcast too.

Podcasts: Cookie Rosenbloom and Dr. Deb Butler are great as is Corinne Crabtree

Intermittent Fasting: Yes, I do it naturally, I know very little about it and I do it several days a week. I don't eat after 7pm then I fast until about 11 am. Here is some information.

One last thing. I did not have bypass or sleeve surgery. I was considering it. I did get a lapband in 2005 and that didn't work for me either. My desire for now is to help connect you to resources who can help you decide what STRATEGY you want for your life. I have been asked to share what I do and I am sharing that. I asked my doctor about my plan.. My walking, the way I work the program, and she's happy! My MD strongly approves of WW :)

Love you all! Hope this helps! Forgive the TYPOS!

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