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Syracuse is Seriously Cute! How to spend a few hours the right way.

I know you see that title and say no way.... But Yes way! While Syracuse may not be known as the go to vacation spot, it's got cute shops, great food and the PEOPLE are so friendly.  Now, I went for work and didn't know a soul.  

Chandelier in the Grand Ballroom @marriottsyracusedowntown

Where to stay: As a Marriott girl, I try to stay true to the brand and I love staying downtown, so I chose the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.  I made a great decision.  It's almost 100 years old and was known as The Hotel Syracuse! It's a delight and it's on the Historic Hotels list. Rich in decor and ornate moldings and a grand ballroom that will knock your socks off.  It's simply beautiful. 

Grand Ballroom Syracuse Downtown Marriott

If you are lucky enough to stay on a Wednesday night they have Jazz night from 5:30-8:30 pm in bar area on the lobby level. The Jazz performers are local and regional and the locals told me, "They are all fantastic." 

Where to shop: Well, I chose to walk from the Marriott and head to Armory Square which is an adorable safe area with shops and great restaurants.  I stopped in at a gorgeous hair salon and met the owner and her lovely dog Roscoe ( also, my daddy's name). Talked with some locals there and everyone was really wonderful. If you need a blow out or a hair cut, it's a great place to chat and get excellent service too.

A couple doors down from ...... is a clothing boutique called The Changing Room The owners Kathy and Larry were just the nicest people on the planet. It's priced well and Kathy has amazing taste in clothes and decor.  I fell in love with the trunk display that her husband Larry re purposed from old suitcases he cut in half, painted and put together. ( I am going to some local thrifts stores when I get home and get Wayne started on that project!  

The trunk wall The Changing Room @shopchangingroom

Of course I found the local cookie bakery, since I am part cookie monster! Cathy's Cookie Kitchen. I had just one... I wanted 10.  She has a successful business near Armory Square and is delightful to talk with. This quote hangs in the bakery and I fell in love with it.

Cathy's Cookie Kitchen

My last top on my wanderings in Armory Square was the over 30 year old Italian restaurant, Pastabilities! It was everything social media, locals and my eye lash girl were all right! It was fantastic! The service, the ambiance, the best pasta I have ever had and even though I am part cookie monster, I am also part Italian!  

Hot Tomato Oil is a must! Now for me, It's like a more yummy version of Southern tomato gravy! Must have @pastabilities

My heart melted meeting "Big Daddy" who was standing outside dressed to the nines and begins to tell me about how he retired after 22 years due to a stroke and gave them another 4 years before finally retiring. Although, he comes back everyday dressed to kill and sits outside to greet the locals who have known him for almost three decades. He was a delight! 

Thomas AKA BIG DADDY @pastabilities

While Syracuse may not be on your top vacation spots, if you ever find yourself close or happen to be there on business and you only have a few hours. Now you know just how to spend them! #happytravels  #syracuse #businesstravel #cutetowns 

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