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Stressed??? These are a few things that help me 🙌🙌

I thought as we age life gets less complicated but hey 👋 that’s not true for me right now 🧐

I’m having to really watch the stress eating, convincing myself that it’s okay to eat more when you’re stressed and IT IS!!!!

For me, if I find I’m stress eating, I choose one of these and distract myself for a few minutes then If I decide to eat, I reach for crunchy fruit! 🍇

Music, exercise, nature and spa 🧖‍♀️ are my top pics!!! What are yours ?

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Marie Binfield
Marie Binfield

Haha I feel like you live with me. Stress today is so high with my move the roof is now leaking in my house I’m selling !! the roofer is able to come today. Praying it all works out. What a difference I do not feel like eating. The old me would be eating everything. Just breathing and took the day off to give myself a break.

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