Staying the Course

Y’all know I love a remake photo! The before is several years ago, the after is last night June 2021.

I‘ve been on this journey for 22 months. I got these white linen pants on clearance a year ago, and I’ve put them on 20 times but never wore them until last night.

It feels great to pull out clothes now for a year and be the same size. The scale moves up and down but I stay the same size and I’m supper happy about that!

I don’t measure 📏 every month anymore. I can tell by my clothes. I’ve never been able to tell by my clothes at 250 -300 pounds because everything was stretchy!! I didn’t own anything fitted!!!! For over 20 years! 🧠🥊

I encourage you all to stay the course and get to the size that’s healthy and feels good! It’s such a great feeling. it’s not perfect, life’s not perfect, people aren’t perfect but when you keep plugging away the course does get easier!!

happy Sunday everyone

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