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See until you see it !!!

I saw this in my head years before it happened. Hanging out in Disney with the grands. Not complaining the whole time, not being hot with swollen feet. Riding rides. Eating cotton candy without guilt in a thin body. You’ve got to get specific about the future you.. very specific.

Emerson said.” if you have only a few hours to chop down a tree, spend the time sharpening your ax.”

Well is sharpening the ax for me and you. Getting very detailed about your future and how you show up in the world is the key to permanent lasting change. I believe this more and more everyday and it’s something Everyone can do!!! 🧠🥊

Love you all! See you later today ❤️

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Your legs are looking strong and mighty too!


Lisa Asbell RN
Lisa Asbell RN
Nov 09, 2020

Hahaha yes my daughters shorts!!! Tooo big !!! Omg 😳 what a moment for me ❤️❤️❤️


Look at that skinny arse! LOVE!

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