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One year ago 🧠🥊

I made this post in connect. It was my first video lol 😂

I was 271 pounds.. -20 in 7 weeks 🧠🥊

Most of you found me in 2020 ... a few in 2019..

These were my daily posts ... Positive with a message of hope at 270 pounds.

Do you see why we need to just be positive? Think Positive!!! However, I’m more fabulous at 54 than I have been in my entire Life !!!!! Onward!!! 🧠🥊

I was positive that I would lose the weight and I did!!!! I hope this speaks to someone tonight 🙏🏻❤️

Im especially grateful to WELL family because of the ask I had to support this event. It was important to me that you support the event because I knew it would change your life ... see ...

I know these things. 🧠🥊

Love you all GN 🙏🏻❤️

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