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It’s Well Wednesday

Even though this month is #planwell I think this pic is a perfect fit for planning!!!

We need to know calories in our food 😊 and it’s crucial to success because weight loss occurs with consuming less calories than we burn 🔥.

Is the granola a “ healthy“ choice? maybe its healthier than the burger 🍔 but in calorie deficit weight loss, which is what the Well Weightloss System is, It’s eating better choices in a calorie deficit and moving everyday 🙌

If you burn 🔥 2,000 and consume 1,500 you would have a Daily deficit of 500 🙌 you would lose about 1 pound a week ❤️

So.. which would you choose ? and neither is wrong! Eat what you love! I’d have a big salad with protein! 🙌

Eat what you love. Know the calories.

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