There's So Much Information on Weight Loss - What's Right for You?

It feels like there is too much information on weight loss today. Are you lost when it comes to different “diets,” and which one might be best for you? Let's face it, there are hundreds of popular “diets” today and there are many versions of those diets.

many weight loss diets

I do believe that most weight loss programs have value in them. I have studied most of the popular diets out there and each one has merit. It comes down to what works for your lifestyle. You might say fast food works for my lifestyle and that is fine! You will still need to find the restaurants that have healthy options that you enjoy and do not mind eating often!

The ideal weight loss program will make your life easier. It will not feel like a drudgery. I once signed up for a plan where you had to write your meal plan down. I did not want to do that. I do not mind tracking calories and or planning for meals in advance. However, I did not want to write my meals out a day in advance. That did not work for me.

So how do you know what “diet” to choose?

choosing a diet
  • If you love meats – you might eat more of a Keto-based diet. There are now many variations of Keto that are more plant-based and it is a great option for many. But if you enjoy sweets and fruits, Keto might not be the best for you.

  • If you prefer nuts and vegetables, the Mediterranean way of eating might work best for you. It is more plant-based than meat-based.

  • If you want your food choices easy and made for you, you might consider a food-based program. Those types of programs take the work out of shopping and cooking.

  • If you prefer all types of foods and enjoy new things, then healthy eating using the 80/20 rule would work for you. This means that 80% of your intake are one-ingredient FUEL foods. Twenty percent of your calorie intake are for FUN (processed, sweet, etc.) foods.