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Happy Monday

Please ❤️🙏🏻send in your pics and a few sentences to maria if you haven’t done it! Id like to feature any WELL member who wants to be featured !! It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost a Little or a lot !! People need to hear your story too!

Also, Due to the election tomorrow night, I’m thinking of delaying the Gates to next week! We are makes some changes as you all know and it’s gonna keep getting better!

Ive been planning next year and the books I want to feature, the posts, zooms and lives And ofcourse the topics !!!!!!

Growth and Change!!! 🙌 I want it!

2021 Well will include deeper looks on the brain, nutrition, exercise, relationships and much more!!! Body, mind and spirit! We’re doing it 🧠🥊

I share this pic here because this was my future me!!!

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