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Who’s ready for the Happy 😊 Thought 💭 Initiative?

Let’s fill September with Happy Thoughts!

You find happy thoughts by focusing on happy things. You need a list! Write down things that make you smile. Write down happy words!

This is part of turning off negative thoughts! You replace them with happy thoughts!

For many our world isn’t a happy place! Happiness is a choice. It’s also a work. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in all that life throws at us but we have to make a choice to be happy 😊

When you decide to be happy 😊 you will be. Someone once said, “A person is about as happy as they decide to be!”

September is the Healthy, Happy Home! We’re building it. We laid the foundation, we put up the pillars, we added healthy habits, we found the path to peace!!!

Let’s build our happy healthy home!

Who’s ready? Start your list of happy thoughts. Write your ideal of a happy healthy home.... today’s assignment...

what can you do to get to your ideal happy healthy home 🏡 make a list ❤️

September is gonna be great! If you’re new here!!! Please subscribe to

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