Do you want it ?

First of all, What is it? I thought for years it was weightloss or a certain size…. It was not!

However, I had to lose -130 pounds and find you all and myself to realize … it was the obsession with food 🥘 I wanted to end!!!

The weight really was a sign that my life was wayyyyyy out of balance! I made reckless decisions about food, family, career, money and I could name many more atrocities because I was unhealthy in many ways 😔

I was miserable 😩 inside and out. I didn’t always honor my word or commitments. I was so into myself that I didn’t always treat others right!!! My family suffered because of my utter selfishness.

Im not sure 🤔 if any of you can relate, but deep in my heart, I believe we are all alike. I hope I’m wrong about this one ☝️ 🙏🏻 because I’ve realized the hurt 😞 I caused others because I was miserable 😩

Im better now!!!!! Mentally, physically, emotionally 🙌🙌🙌🙌. Isnt is ironic that when we respect ✊ what we put in our bodies, we respect ourselves more? When we do right for ourselves, we can do right by others!🙌❤️

Gosh - I hope this speaks to you today!!!!