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Authenticity.... This really struck a cord with you all like it did me.

I realized when I was well- rounded, I was not well rounded. 🧠🥊

I realized that 30 years of food obsession, stuffing my face, eating my feelings, controlling everyone and everything... had almost stunted my growth.

You can’t be addicted and authentic

While I don’t like to tie food to the word addiction.... it’s very close .... I would use the word but it’s has a hopeless 😳 feel so I don’t use the word. But I’ll share here it’s very close.

People who are addicted to substances/food for years are really emotionally immature. I was myself. I am growing! work in progress Do any of these apply to you??

How do you know ?

* Afraid to commit to almost anything

* Defensive

* Feel alone

* Hard to have intimate conversations

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