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Cold Weather Workouts

As the weather starts to cool down, we start to spend less and less time outside, which for me can be a challenge for my daily walks and movement goals!

Low-impact indoor workouts are a great option to stay fit and keep moving, especially in colder weather. Here are some ideas:

  1. Yoga: Gentle yoga an improve flexibility, balance, and reduce stress. Look for beginner, gentle, or senior specific classes.

  2. Pilates: Pilates focus on core strength and flexibility, which is great for overall fitness without high impact.

  3. Tai Chi: This low-impact martial art helps improve balance and reduce the risk of falls

  4. Indoor Walking: You can briskly walk indoors, either in your home or the gym on a treadmill or somewhere like the mall. This is a great way to gently get your cardio in and blood pumping.

  5. Indoor cycling: Using an indoor bike is a great option to stay fit that is low impact and gentle on your knees. You can join a gym and use the bikes there and there are also tons of affordable options to have a stationary bike in the home these days!

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