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Are you journaling Your non scale victories? do you have them written down? Here’s a few of mine!

I wait for hunger every morning

I walk 45 minutes a day without fail

I fit In smaller places ( like airplane ✈️ seats! I am nicer to myself and others

I love how I look

I don’t mind myself naked

I’m a better wife

I’m a better mother and grandmother

I have energy for days

I know how to practice self care

My faith is getting stronger

I could go on for days about the changes! I’d love to see some of your #nsv

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I have greater stamina, balance and flexibility. I am less klutzy and have greater body awareness. When heavy I knocked into things! I can squeeze through tight chairs and tables at a restaurant, I can move quicker and fall lighter and without harm on a tennis court or trail. Today I am Well!


Marie Binfield
Marie Binfield
Aug 24, 2021

I can move around in smaller areas

I can run

I can enjoy food

I can control my thoughts

I can help people and not forget about myself. I think more before I answer. I am happier. losing weight let me gain my life back. getting Healthy does not end. It’s for ever !!!

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