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Day ☝️

Every day is day one!!! What a 🧠🥊

Read that again. When you begin to think, eat and move every single day like it’s day one, your life will change.

I don’t feel like it everyday. NO one does!

the Athletes, the body builders, the fitness experts, the nutrition experts every single person has days when they think... really today? 🧠🥊 However, they flipping do it.

I flipping Do it!!!! Do you think because I’m me it’s any easier ? It’s NOT!!!!!!!!! Heck no.... I just do it on all the days 🧠🥊 Then I forget which days I didn’t FEEL like it.

Our feelings for us into the shape we’re in and your feelings can get you out.

This is it ladies!!!! It’s it!!! It’s day one ☝️

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2 comentarios

Alisa Parks
Alisa Parks
20 oct 2020

What is it

Me gusta

Karen Guess
Karen Guess
13 oct 2020

I found this great mindful exercise on fitbit. Only 5 minutes. I started doing it in the morning but not right when I wake up. Had quite the morning so when it got quiet, I used it and restarted my day! Every day can be day one more than once a day!💕

Me gusta
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