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Two Programs to Help Your Patients Lose Weight in a Safe & Effective Way That Lasts

Share this QR code or link with your patients so they can learn more

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14-Day Well Quick Start Course

$249 to Get Started on the Right Path

This course teaches the key principles for weight loss including Strategy, Self-Improvement, Science & Support.


Simple course delivered by email that keeps you accountable, focused, and on track every day.


We've learned from thousands of women we've helped the top 14 strategies to lose weight and keep it off for lasting change!

  • BONUS - Vision

  • Hunger and Fullness

  • Eat What You Love

  • Calorie Deficit

  • Move Like You Love

  • Self-Care Your Way

  • Planning

  • Morning Routines

  • Sleep

  • Hydration

  • Self-Improvement

  • Consistency

  • Better Choices

  • How to Eat Forever

  • Lifestyle Mindset

  • BONUS - Thoughts

What Your Patients Can Expect

An email every day for 14 days, plus 2 bonus days, that includes

  1. The strategy of the day with an audio explaining the science behind it

  2. A journal prompt for accountability

  3. Additional content based on the strategy of the day

  4. A testimonial from someone who has implemented that specific strategy

  5. A reminder to track your calories every day

Share this QR code or link with your patients so they can learn more

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Well Weight Loss Library & Community

Multiple plans starting at $19/month

Your Patients Will Receive

  1. Self-paced program.

  2. One year of access to the Well Weight Loss Library & Community

  3. New member orientation. Start day 1 with a plan!

  4. Classes on nutrition and exercise taught by doctors and certified experts.

  5. Private and exclusive WELL community and Facebook support group.

  6. Organized and robust video and audio libraries for on-demand coaching with hundreds of hours of some of the best weight loss content out there.

  7. Access to the Brainpunch calorie tracking app

  8. Guides and discounts!

We'll guide on what to do, how to do it, and have a community that constantly supports you!

Well Weight Loss Testimonials

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