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#teamTLC Brand Ambassadors

Are you a #teamTLC OG? Have you been committed to making a Total Lifestyle Change by following my work? Do you want to help me help others discover and join #teamTLC? If so, then apply to be one of my Brand Ambassadors! 

I am still developing this but initially, this will be part of my new 40 Days of Healthy Habits initiative and I need Brand Ambassadors to help me:

  • Marketing Lisa Asbell and #teamTLC on social media and other places you feel comfortable.

  • Bring on new folks to my work by having them subscribe to my website, follow my Facebook page, join the #teamTLC private Facebook group, attend coaching sessions, etc.

  • Answer questions that people ask on my Facebook page and group, and direct them to the right information.

  • Help moderate my Facebook page and group by letting us know if anyone is breaking the rules.

#teamTLCBA Art Work

Apply To Be A #teamTLCBA

At the start of the program, I may ask for your measurements and weight and ask that you keep a journal of your progress. I may also ask you to have short weekly check-ins to discuss your progress and thoughts. We will listen and value your input to help #teamTLC grow!

Of course, there are perks that come with being a #teamTLC Brand Ambassador, including discounts on coaching, biweekly Brand Ambassador Mastermind Meeting calls with Lisa, and more!

Find the perfect fit for your #teamTLC shirt with our comprehensive Shirt Sizing Chart

If you're interested in joining, fill out the form below!

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