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#teamTLC Brand Ambassadors

Are you a #teamTLC OG? Have you been committed to making a Total Lifestyle Change by following my work? Do you want to help me help others discover and join #teamTLC? If so, then apply to be one of my Brand Ambassadors! 

I am still developing this but initially, this will be part of my new 40 Days of Healthy Habits initiative and I need Brand Ambassadors to help me:

  • Marketing Lisa Asbell and #teamTLC on social media and other places you feel comfortable.

  • Bring on new folks to my work by having them subscribe to my website, follow my Facebook page, join the #teamTLC private Facebook group, attend coaching sessions, etc.

  • Answer questions that people ask on my Facebook page and group, and direct them to the right information.

  • Help moderate my Facebook page and group by letting us know if anyone is breaking the rules.

Apply To Be A #teamTLCBA

At the start of the program, I may ask for your measurements and weight and ask that you keep a journal of your progress. I may also ask you to have short weekly check-ins to discuss your progress and thoughts. We will listen and value your input to help #teamTLC grow!

Of course, there are perks that come with being a #teamTLC Brand Ambassador, including discounts on coaching, biweekly Brand Ambassador Mastermind Meeting calls with Lisa, and more!

If you're interested in joining, fill out the form below!

Submit Your Application Now!

Thanks for submitting!

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