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Lisa's Approach

Lisa has spent years learning about weight loss from books, coaches, weight-loss programs -- you name it, she's done it. Although she did struggle with her weight for so long, all those years of learning were essential for her to develop her own program.

She has taken everything she's learned and narrowed it down to what worked for her which, in turn, is helping so many other women lose the excess weight. She has also made it her own by creating principles and terminology that are unique to her coaching style.

Below you'll learn about the different principles and terms that you'll hear often when following Lisa's coaching. 

The Way of WELL

These are the four principles that will guide your journey to being well. It can take time to understand the power of your brain and your habits. Be patient!

  1. How we think. We control our lives by our thoughts.

  2. How we eat. Our bodies will tell us what we need.

  3. How we love. We deserve to have, and give, love.

  4. How we move. Your life improves when you move.

The Way Of WELL Art Work

Some Core Terms


Lisa Asbell Enterprises

Lisa Asbell Enterprises is Lisa's company and where she's building a wellness empire.


Well Weight Loss Logo

This is Lisa's program that has helped hundreds of women shed thousands of collective pounds.


Brainpunch Art Work

This is our mascot. A Brainpunch is a wake up call; a chance to learn a new way to act, think, and feel.

Lisa Lessons

Lisa Asbell Lessons

Lisa Lessons are coaching sessions that center around a new theme or topic each month.


Lisa Asbell Non Scale Victory

A Non-Scale Victory (NSV) is celebrating all the wins outside of the scale -- taking a walk, resisting temptation, or fitting into an old dress.


Lisa Asbell Original Girls

Original Girls or "OG's" are those that have been with Lisa since the beginning and have transformed their lives since following what she teaches.

Foundational Ideas

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