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Who is Lisa?

Lisa is a married, southern gal in her 50's who's also a mother of three AND grandmother of three. She is a Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur and business professional with an extensive background in sales and motivational speaking, training, and coaching.


She is a daredevil, a risk-taker, and is not afraid to fail! Lisa is funny, fun-loving, and loyal to the end. Her charismatic and magnetic personality, RN training, drive, and personal experience with weight for over 30 years make her an incredible coach that inspires action and permanent, lasting change from those that follow her.


Back in September 2019, she was so sick of lying to herself that it was OK to be 100+ pounds overweight and that everything was "just fine because my blood work is good." It was then she decided to turn her life around, one food choice at a time.


She told herself that she was doing it her way. That meant NOT eating anything she didn't like and not giving up "bad" foods like sugar. The first day turned into the second day and the second day turned into the next couple hundred days. The result? She crossed the minus 100 pound mark in just 8 months.


Doing it her way worked and that's what she wants to share with you. It doesn't matter what plan you use, just have one. It doesn't matter what community you plug into, just have one. You don't have to have all the answers, just have a coach who has gone through it and can teach you how to change your behavior and develop the daily practices that become lifelong healthy habits!

Why She Coaches

Lisa has a natural desire to help people which is why she is a Registered Nurse. She enjoys teaching and, like many nurses do, she has a basic nutrition knowledge that helped her eat for weight-loss without dieting.


Lisa was a morbidly obese woman for almost 30 years and now listen to what her body needs.  She journals, teaches brain-based (NOT food-based) practices, eats what she likes, and can help you do the same.

In March 2020, she started her company Lisa Asbell Enterprises (LAE) so she could coach on all the things she has learned from all those years of being heavy to help other women lose the weight, be happier, and live better lives.


Lisa is no expert on skinny but is pretty smart about obesity. But she is no doctor, so please click here to read her disclaimer.


LAE Partner

Also known as "Podna," Andy Montoya is Lisa's friend and business partner. With 10+ year of experience in digital marketing, business and technology, he works behind-the-scenes to keep all things operational and technical running smoothly at LAE.

It all started with one phone call back in April 2020. Lisa had just started her company and needed help with creating her brand and building a website. Andy had just left corporate America to work for himself and the two were connected by a former colleague. The rest, as they say, is history.

Andy and Lisa have formed a incredible partnership where Lisa is the visionary that pushes the company forward, while Andy is the architect that builds the road to get there.


Their complimentary skills, hard work, passion for helping others, and love for the community they've built not only contributes to their success, but to the success of those that want to live happier, healthier lives.

The LAE Team

Jenn Jankowski

Jenn brings a diverse background of business operations both in a corporate setting as well as an entrepreneur. Jenn has started up several small businesses over the years and continues to operate her travel agency where she manages all aspects of the company.  


Jenn’s interests revolve around the travel industry and wellness.  She is happily married and has an adult daughter, who will be getting married in June 2021. In the 80’s, Jenn was a competitive gymnast!


These days Jenn enjoys hanging out with her daughter, traveling with her husband and volunteering time to Lisa Asbell Enterprises.